Saturday, January 29, 2005

It really only took David Brooks about two years to go from a mostly thoughtful op-ed columnist to an official Bush cheerleader.

The message of today's column might as well have been "it's morning in America":

[Bush's first term] was a time when pieces of things were cast asunder. Senior Bush officials talk about this term as a time when pieces of things will be put back together. There's almost a springlike, postwar mood.

The campaign is over. Afghanistan had its election. Even in Iraq, there will probably not be any more big military assaults like the one in Falluja. Now the Iraqis will be making most of the key decisions, and Americans will, with any luck, do more training and less fighting.

Wow David. How does Bush's sack taste?


Blogger Dr. Gonzo said...

He was giddy on Shields and Brooks
He said (referring to Iraq voting):
This is like the Civil Rights Movement and the fighting the Nazis all rolled into one.

He's high from snorting Bush.
He's crazy from loving Dick.

5:23 PM  

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