Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dear Patron,

While inspecting your locker recently, we discovered 4 uncharged Library
books. Because of this violation of locker rules, your locker privileges
have been cancelled.

Uncharged books and/or reading room materials in lockers are essentially
"lost" and unavailable to other library patrons. This is a serious problem
with a serious penalty.

You will again be able to rent a locker at the beginning of spring quarter
of 2006.

Your locker will be cleared of all materials, library and personal, one
week from today. Before this time, please clear out your belongings from
the locker. Any library materials found in your locker(s) at that time will
be discharged and returned to the library stacks. All personal materials
left in your locker at that time will be stored by Library staff for two
weeks and then discarded.

The rules for usage of lockers are available online at:

Thank you,
Benjamin Murphy